God Uses the Weak

“Pastor Skip! I think I saved his life!”

What’s even more amazing about that statement is the back story. Might seem strange to say but the point is you have to be alive in order to save someone else’s life. I’ll explain. Please track with me for a minute it will bless you. You see the person that said “Pastor Skip! I think I saved his life”, has tried on several occasions, while battling with deep bouts of fear and depression and hopelessness, to take her own life. “PC” is one of our beautiful WOTS (Word on the Street) women and she has battled depression and fear for years and has called me many times before or even during attempts to take her life. She has survived some pretty hard times on the street and in homeless camps…very hard times.

PC went to visit a WOTS guy to let him use her phone and when she came to see him he was actually hanging by the neck and was unconscious. PC called 911 and then grabbed and hugged around “M’s” legs and gave it all the strength she had to hold him up and take pressure off the rope around his neck until help arrived. The Police and EMT’s cut M down and began to try to revive him as they rushed him off to the hospital. “Pastor Skip the cops told me they would call me and tell me if M lived.” and…yes…they were able to revive M…and…he lives today.

For my money PC is a hero of the nth degree. M is getting the help he needs mentally and physically, and through WOTS, spiritually. When PC has called me alone and afraid in her camp during bad storms asking me to pray for her, or called me from the edge of a bridge or after she took a whole bottle of pills I had no idea that one day she would be the one God would use to save someone else’s life. Word on the Street is one of the most amazing ministries serving some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. I thank Him often that He has chosen to use ones as weak as me to minister to His sheep like PC. If you pray, please pray for M and his recovery, and please pray for PC as she continues to grow and mature and have small victories in her life. I love my peeps…but hey…what’s not to love!? 🙂 Pastor Skip

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