Part of God’s Plan

Testimony of: Bruce Broadwood

From the moment my eyes could see and my heart could feel, God’s plan was well beyond my reach. The post WW2 era was all around and ironically the war really wasn’t over or won. The terrors of dysfunctional family life were constantly in my face, either at home or out in the turbulent world. The one thing I cherished was the good heart inside me and that God knew it. Satan also knew it and had me on his radar every nightmarish step of the way. Every once in a while, like a ray of sunlight in a dark world, God would let me know that He was there with me. Eventually, after making too many gross errors, I had finally had enough of what could only be described as a gulf of misery, from which escape seemed impossible. It was do or die when I packed up my family and found refuge through an odd sort of a miracle. The world of drugs and social decay were behind us, and a beautiful paradise of pristine wilderness surrounded us. My first social contact was with a retired doctor and life long member of the Baptist faith. Soon I was interacting with several other Christian based faiths and very much enjoying the fellowship of believers in Christ. There was however one thing that kept me from making any serious commitments with any of them, God. Up to this point, everything in the world was man-made, including every religion, except for my personal relationship with He who was there when I first opened my eyes. One day by another miracle, another testament of Jesus Christ came into my possession. With KJV Bible in one hand and Jesus Christ\’s other pure Testament in the other, I came home.


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