Old Testament Faith Is Not Based On Works

Abraham’s Faith Not By Works But Grace

WorksWhy is it important that Paul give us Old Testament proof for salvation? Because everyone who knows God understands that the Church, the period of time since Christ’s birth and death, that we are not the only human beings that God has been working with. He’s been at work in humanity long before that. So that raises the question, was there a different method for salvation that preceded the one that we are now being given in the New Testament?  If that were true it certainly would support the contention that God saves Jews one way and Gentiles another. And if that were true it would divide the Church. And that was the concern that was developing in the first century church. So Paul is addressing that here, saying no, the plan has always been the same. Remember, Paul began by saying that the salvation we have is witnessed by the Law and Prophets. That phrase refers to the Hebrew Bible, the entire Old Testament. So now Paul uses chapter 4 of Romans to look for salvation proof. And in the process, we learn some interesting things. We learn about our own salvation as it relates to Old Testament concepts like circumcision and the covenants that are still relevant today because of the way people misuse those concepts in other ways. Starting with The classic example of salvation by faith, Abraham – Continue reading