Romans 6 – Consequences for our spirit-Righteousness

The consequences for our spirit when we are saved by faith through God’s grace.                        ROMANS 6 – Part 1

It’s important to understand our salvation by faith  and the consequences for our spirit. Romans chapter 6 begins this series. In this section, Paul explores the ramifications of being saved by being declared justified yet Romans 6while still living in a sinful body. Paul is wading into a topical area that dominates the concerns of every Christian. These topics arise out of a unique situation, unique in terms of history. In which we all find ourselves, having come to faith in Christ and having obtained our justification, in this case meaning our salvation. And having been declared justified and yet at the same time living is a sinful body and feeling the strain of that sin in our life. We have a new life in Christ but we still feel drawn back into our old life of sin at times. Continue reading