Why Is Obedience To God’s Word Important? Part 2

Obedience To God's WordToday we conclude the teaching on obedience to God’s word. It might be a hard thing to grasp for some. Loving God is not an emotional thing, it is an obedient thing. To love God is to obey His word.

On the roads from this small town to Jerusalem, if you would look on a map, it goes through a fairly mountainous range. It is probably the case, more than a few times when that Ark looked a little unsteady and they weren’t sure it was going to make it. Finally, it gets to the point where Uzza is so concerned he feels he better put out his hand or the Ark itself may tumble. He reaches, he touches, he offends God, and he is struck down. Why does God keep doing this? Why in light to what we know is going on in the hearts of these men, why is God continuing to strike down men who appear to be trying to do the right thing?  Well, the answer comes from Numbers 4: Continue reading

Why Is Obedience To God’s Word Important?

Obedience To God's WordThis teaching is taken from 1st Chronicles and the life of King David. Worship is much more than singing praises to God once a week in church. First and foremost, worship is a life of obedience to God’s Word.

Learn the importance of obedience as worship in the story of David’s efforts to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant from a small town and return it to Jerusalem. Continue reading