The Resurrection of Jesus & False Gospels

resurrection The Resurrection of Christ.

We can wonder, why do we have so many false gospels, or why does it seem there are so many ways to define the word of God,  and ponder why there are so many alternatives being preached in pulpits? it might be possible because the last thing a hard, an unbelieving heart doesn’t wants to hear the truth about sin. The gospel says we are sinners and therefore we are in trouble with God because of the lifestyle we live, choices we make, things we have said and even our thoughts running through our head. All these things can be worldly and offensive to God. They are sinful in nature and thus are wrong and the penalty is death. Undoubtedly, an unbelieving heart turns away from this. But this can also pertain to a believer’s heart as it can rebel against the truth of sin is they don’t keep their mind in the word daily. Continue reading