Does John’s Gospel show Jesus as part of Creation?

gospelGod the Father and the Holy Spirit are both named in Creation account in Genesis 1, but where can you find Jesus’ involvement in the creation. If you compare Genesis 1:1-3 with the Gospel John 1:1. And if Jesus is the Word, and if God spoke words to bring forth creation, then are the words He spoke the name of Jesus?

In your comparison of Genesis 1 and John 1, you are moving in the right direction, though you have not come to the right conclusion. John constructed his Gospel to demonstrate Jesus as the fulfillment of various Old Testament pictures. Most of the chapters in his Gospel mirror an Old Testament story to show Jesus as the fulfillment of that Old Testament account. Continue reading

Secular humanism verses The Gospel

Overcoming Secular Humanism with the Gospel

Q. I have been trying to witness to an unbelieving relative I will call “Laura,” but it has been a difficult conversation. After I spoke with her recently about Christianity, she sent me an email with a long description of secular humanism, which was her retort to my explanation of Christianity.  What is secular humanism and how do I reach someone who believes this way?

A. First, we commend you for your willingness to engage your family the gospel overcomesmembers in this important discussion. We know how challenging it can be to present the Gospel to family members, and we remember Jesus’ words when He said:


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