Is the spirit, body and soul connected?

body is not spiritWhat happens to an unbeliever’s spirit when he physically dies? Will it return to God?¬†Or as man is three-fold, will his spirit, body and soul¬†suffer for eternity in Hell?

You are born again and you don’t really feel any different. Not physically and what is this part of me that is spirit. I look the same and I am still tempted by the same things as before. So why am I now different?

First, human beings consist of two parts: a material and immaterial part. Our body is the material and is the physical part of us that is made up of senses (taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing. The part that connects us to God and covers matters like faith, trust, hope is our spirit and is the immaterial part of us. There is no third part. Thus, man is not three-fold. At times Scripture uses poetic language to describe human existence in terms beyond the physical and spirit, yet these instances were not intended to serve as literal descriptions of our existence. Continue reading