Why does God let bad things happen to believers?

believersWhy does bad things, terrible things happen to God’s children? Why doesn’t God protect believers from the evil of this world?

Christians commonly wonder why our lives on earth includes difficulties, trials, tragedy and sadness even after we have become a follower of Jesus Christ and an adopted child of God. But the Bible neverĀ assures believers that life on earth will be trouble-free simply because we have become followers of Jesus. In fact, the Bible tells us exactly the opposite: Continue reading

Explaining the Rapture of Believers in Christ – Part 1

The Rapture is a Pre-tribulation Event for the Believers in Christ Jesus…Rapture of believers in Christ

Jesus came to earth previously during His Earthly ministry from approximately 4 BC – AD 30, and scripture calls for His eventual return in the future to live on Earth again and reign as King for 1,000 years. Therefore, we speak of Christ’s return in the future as a second coming because it will be the second time Christ resides on the earth.

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