Imperfect People in Heaven?

I’m having trouble understanding how it’s possible for imperfect, sinful people to enter Heaven? The Bible says that only the righteous may enter Heaven, and though we may try our best to live right, no one can be perfect. So how can God let us into Heaven?

Answering this question is essentially the point Paul makes in Romans chapters 1-5.

The details are given below, but the answer is simple. Christians (like unbelievers) sin from time to time, but unlike unbelievers, Christians have a promise that one day we will receive new bodies that will never sin again. God will do away with our old bodies before granting us the new body.

How can God grant us this mercy while still being perfect in justice? How does He put away our sin forever without condemning us for it? The answer is the Lord made a way for sinners to meet the standard of perfection required by Heaven. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, was born as a man so He could live the sinless life we couldn’t, and He did so on our behalf. Continue reading