NEW LIFE

 Proceed forth into the profundity of your mind

Look beyond and behold what cannot be seen

A unique vision lays upon your eyes; divined

Now pass into a realm of unconscious serene


Completeness fills your soul; fears cease to exist

Birds sing with rapture as a fresh breeze kisses your face

Waterfalls reaching down with rainbows true in its mist

Flowers in fullness giving praise; this life you embrace


Ability to move freely with only a thought; you rejoice

Desiring to digest the purity of this secret kingdom of love

You give glory in psalm while angels sing with one voice

Feeling a newness of life within; transformed from above


Walk in the enlighten love you have in your heart for another

Give thanks for your spirit has received the treasures above

Embracing the mystery within; remembering God’s love is perfect

Smiling from above I am always with you my mother and sisters I love.


Christ your brother



Following His example, withholding judgment and living in love