Salvation Through Faith Summary

Summary of Our Salvation Through Faith in Christ

salvationLast week we focused on Paul’s summary of how we may obtain  righteousness. God’s solution solved all the problems of getting to heaven that Paul outlined in the earlier chapters of Romans. Which explained why Paul’s summary was long and wordy. Paul put the whole solution out on the table knowing he’s going to explain each part in detail in coming chapters. So let’s run through the summary quickly looking at it as a road-map for where we are going.

First, in verse 21 Paul says the solution is “apart from the Law.” So therefore we can expect Paul to explain more about the relationship between God’s law and our salvation. Since he said salvation is not a part of law. Secondly, Paul says the Continue reading

Righteousness of God – Through Faith in Jesus Christ

Through Our faith In Jesus Christ – 

We Are Counted Righteous By God

Jesus Christ So Paul is teaching that our solution to reaching heaven is by obtaining the  righteousness of God. But naturally, the next question we should ask is how does one obtain God’s perfection, especially after we’ve already lived a life of sin? How is this even possible? The detail explanation to those questions are found in chapters 4 and 5 of Romans which we will explore in upcoming posts, but for now we have Paul summarizing the answer in Part 3 of the seven parts of the passage we began with in the previous post. Here it is again to refresh our memories. Continue reading

The Righteousness of God Through Faith

The Righteousness of God

righteousness of GodWe were born with a spiritual birth defect, and this defect must be corrected before we can enjoy fellowship with God. The problem (birth defect) is our sin nature, which produces our sinful actions. We inherit our sin nature from our parents, who inherited it from their parents, and so on. We all descended from a common ancestor who passed along his sinful nature through reproduction by placing all humanity in our common predicament of sin with all its horrible consequences. And unless and until we correct our sin nature, we cannot reach the standard of perfection required by God. Continue reading