Romans 8 Eternal Security

eternalThe consequences for our spirit (chapter 6) and the consequences for our flesh (chapter 7) give us the eternal security of God’s righteousness.


Welcome to the study of Romans chapter 8. This is a powerful chapter that reconciles what was learned in the previous 2 chapters of Romans. If you have not studied Romans chapter 6 and chapter 7, I recommend you take time to read and study them as it would help fill in the connections when Romans 8 refers back to those chapters. This is a multi-part study and it is one of the most important sections (Romans chapters 6,7, & 8) in the entire New Testament in my opinion.

Romans chapter 8 has been considered the most climactic chapter in Romans which is interesting because it is only halfway through the book of Romans. This is the chapter where Paul pulls everything together that he was teaching earlier in Romans. And it sets up everything that follows. He reconciles the effects of a sinless spirit and a depraved, sinful flesh. He addresses concerns for how our sinful tendencies might impact our eternal future. He answers the doubt for any who might wonder if they are truly saved. He even considers what our death, in the body, says about our relationship with Christ. What does it mean to us that we still have to die physically? Continue reading