The Gospel Of John – Chapter 2 Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

Gospel Of JohnToday we finish Jesus’ first week of ministry as recorded in the Gospel of John. We still have three days to finish the week and they all come in one story. As we begin chapter 2, we are going to read the story of the wedding where Jesus turned water into wine. This happens in a place called Cana. Continue reading

The Gospel Of John – Jesus’ First Week Of Ministry-3

Gospel Of JohnWe pick back up in the Gospel of John on the fourth day of Jesus’ first week of ministry with Philip finding Nathaniel and telling him about the arrival of the Messiah.

Philip tells him he has found the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph. Which Nathaniel, in turn, asks could anything good could come out of Nazareth? Philip responds, come and see. And Nathaniel chooses to come to Jesus. Notice Jesus did not come to Nathaniel. Nathaniel had to come to Jesus. Nathaniel had to make a decision to come to Jesus so that He could have that experience of knowing Him. Then as the encounter begins, Jesus initiates the conversation. Continue reading

The Gospel Of John – Jesus’ First Week Of Ministry

Gospel of John Let’s continue in the opening chapter of the Gospel of John. We are at the beginning Of Jesus’ first week of ministry. Jesus has just been baptized by John


John is explaining the relationship between John the Baptist and Jesus, using John the Baptist’s own words. John is reinforcing that John the Baptist was just a man called to be a prophet in anticipation of the coming of the Messiah. John the writer is preparing us to see the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry as it transitions from John the Baptist’s ministry as a Prophet to Jesus’ ministry in fulfillment of what the prophet declared. We should also know that chapter 1 into chapter 2 reflects a series of events that all transpire in the course of only 7 days. This is the first week of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  gospel of John Continue reading