How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible story of Genesis?

How do dinosaurs fit into the BibleI now believe that evolution is false, especially since death could not exist before Adam’s sin, but what does that say about dinosaurs? Man couldn’t possibly have survived with dinosaurs around, so how do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?

Your belief that death could not exist prior to sin entering the world is absolutely true and critically important to understanding Genesis and the rest of the Bible, but your assumptions regarding dinosaurs have probably been influenced more by the opinions of modern science and Hollywood directors rather than the Bible. Continue reading

1 Timothy 2: Did Paul teach that God wants all people to be saved?

In 1 Timothy 2 Paul tells Timothy that the Lord wishes all people all people to be savedto be saved. Doesn’t this statement contradict the idea of election and predestination, which teaches that God has chosen some people for salvation while not choosing others?

The opening verses of 1st Timothy 2 are often cited as evidence against the doctrine of predestination and election. The verse most commonly quoted is 1st Timothy 2:4, but we will include a longer passage to provide context: Continue reading

God Isn’t Willing That Any Should Perish?

any should perishI am having trouble understanding the concept of God rejecting some while showing mercy to others. In Matthew 18:14, Jesus says that “God is not willing that any should perish”. Yet this seems to refute Paul’s teaching in Romans 9, where Paul says God’s sovereignly elects some “vessels” (i.e., people) to be saved but not others. Can you help reconcile these ideas?

The solution to your dilemma is found in considering Jesus’ words in their proper interpretation and context. Here’s the full passage of Jesus’ words: Continue reading