Who is the Author of the Book of Hebrews?

Author of the Book of Hebrews?The Book of Hebrews has many references to the Old Testament. Many suggest Paul wrote Hebrews. Are there any clues as to who might be the author of the book of Hebrews?

The author of Hebrews is unknown. As early as 255 AD, church leaders concluded the author of the book was unknown. Some speculate it was Paul, and from 400-1600 AD the Roman church declared the letter to be the Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews. The writer has a firm grasp of the Old Testament pictures of Christ, and he has an in-depth understanding of the Jewish culture, sacrificial system, law, prophets, Old Testament scripture, etc. Even the closing of the letter sounds a little like Paul and mentions Timothy, a protegé of Paul. Continue reading

Is anger a sin?

Is anger a sinIf a person is feeling angry at someone is that person’s anger a sin? 

Being angry at times is a normal human emotion, and it is a trait we share with our Creator, God, Who exhibits anger toward sin. Therefore, it can be righteous or it can be unrighteous. The Bible says we may be angry so long as we do not sin through it: Is anger a sin Continue reading

Can all believe or only the chosen?

Can all believeIs Paul saying in Romans 3 that all have the ability to be justified by grace?  Can all believe or only the chosen?

Your confusion comes from taking these two verses out of their larger context in Romans 3. When we take verses 24-25 out of context, we lose sight of what Paul meant when he used the word “all.” So by returning to the context of the passage, we find the intended meaning of the word “all.” Continue reading

Does The Bible Teach on Free will?

free willI know the Bible teaches God is sovereign in the salvation of humanity, but where do free will teachers find Biblical support for their views?

“Free will” theology is the view that faith in the Gospel is a matter of personal choice unrelated to the work of God in the heart. It believes that nothing is required to cause faith in the Gospel other than a person’s choice to believe.

This is not the teaching of the Bible. Apart from Adam and Woman (and Christ), no human being has been born with a truly free will. On the contrary, Paul says all men since Adam are born enslaved to sin and cannot choose nor please God by their fallen nature. At the moment the Lord acts to bring faith, the person is born again by the Spirit and is made a slave to Christ.

Our prideful nature assumes (and prefers to believe) that we played a part, however small, in our own salvation. We point to our decision to believe in the Gospel as the moment we “chose” Christ, yet the Bible says plainly that He chose us: Continue reading