When will we receive our eternal rewards?

eternal rewardsDo we receive our eternal rewards when we die, or do we need to wait until after Tribulation?

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All believers will receive their heavenly rewards at the judgment seat of Christ, which occurs in conjunction with the resurrection of the church (sometimes called the Rapture). Paul describes this moment in 1 Thessalonians: Continue reading

The Gospel of John – Chapter 1

Gospel of JohnTHE GOSPEL OF JOHN Chapter 1

Leon Morris wrote that John’s Gospel is a pool in which both a child can wade and an elephant can swim. It’s a book of simple yet profound truth, relying on metaphor and symbols to reveal Christ to be the only begotten Son of God. And most Christians have at least read parts if not all of it. And in the case of one particular verse probably know something of it by heart.
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Eternal Rewards: How will God judge our works?

Eternal RewardsWhat is the judgment seat of Christ? How will we be judged for our works to receive eternal rewards?

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We’re all accustomed to receiving rewards based on our efforts. Most employers reward their employees based on job performance. Similarly, athletes in competitive games (e.g., the Olympics), receive rewards based on how well they compete.

In the same way, Scripture teaches that God will judge believers’ works after we die. The believer’s judgment, called the Judgment Seat of Christ in 2 Corinthians, is a judgment for the purpose of assigning eternal rewards based on our service to Christ. Paul gives us detailed descriptions of the Judgment Seat moment in three different passages: Continue reading

Are There Conditions To Receive Eternal Rewards?

Eternal RewardsOn what basis will Christ judge us for eternal rewards? Are there conditions to receiving our heavenly rewards?

(This post  is part of a series on eternal rewards.)

Our rewards are conditional based upon our works done in service to Christ according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Consider the following passage: Continue reading