Parables of The Talents & Minas & Eternal Rewards

Eternal RewardsThe parable of the Talents in Matthew 25 and the parable of the Minas in Luke 19 seem so similar, and yet many details don’t line up. Are they teaching about the same thing or different things about Eternal Rewards?

(This post is part of a series on Eternal Rewards.)

Both the parable of the Talents and the parable of the Minas teach that believers (i.e., the slaves) are called to serve Christ (i.e., the master) in His absence, and upon His return, Jesus will reward us. As you observed, the parables are not identical, because they are teaching two different aspects of the Kingdom reward system. Continue reading

Explain the “5 Crowns” described in the Bible?

5 crownsDo we receive 5 Crowns in Heaven? Are these “Crowns” our eternal reward for our service to Christ?

(This is part of our series on Eternal Rewards.)


Scripture describes our eternal rewards in terms of inheritance and responsibility. These rewards are symbolized in Scripture as crowns. Since we do not receive our actual rewards, it seems we are awarded crowns as tokens of our reward for the time we spend in the throne room awaiting Christ’s Second Coming to earth to establish His Kingdom. The Bible says these crowns will be our badges of honor reflecting glory upon Christ, Who worked through us to achieve the good works if our life. We will acknowledge His sovereignty by casting our crowns at His feet while we worship Him in Heaven:   5 crowns Continue reading

The Gospel of John – Chapter 1 Part 2

Gospel of JohnTHE GOSPEL OF JOHN Chapter 1 – Part 2

Continuing with the Creation story, John gives Christ yet another name. He will do this a lot in his Gospel, he gives Him a lot of names. Here he calls Him Light. Specifically, John says Jesus is life and the Light of the world. John is establishing a chain of logic here as he moves through his opening (or prologue as some call it). Logically he is saying, if Jesus is the Creator and God, then He is also the source of all Life, by definition, since God is the Life-giver. Christ being the Creator, He is the life of men. But Christ gives men life, in two ways.

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