Do We Have Free Will When It Comes To Salvation?

Free Will When It Comes To SalvationDisruption is the Lord’s favorite tactic for growing us spiritually as we wrestle with God.  Which leads to the question. Do we have free will when it comes to salvation?

God often does His best work in us by pulling the rug out from under us, theologically speaking. Just when we begin to feel secure and confident standing on our preconceived ideas about God and His program, the Lord will bring us someone or something to intrude upon our blissful ignorance and disrupt our thinking. The effect can be disorienting and even painful.  Free Will When It Comes To Salvation? Continue reading

How can I Help my Bible Study Group know Scripture?

Bible Study GroupIf you lead a small Bible study group, and you noticed some students struggling to understand Scripture. Is there anything you can do to help them understand more easily?

Teaching the Bible is honorable and challenging work, and anyone is to be commended for their dedication to this important ministry. Obviously, it’s difficult for us to address exactly what may be holding some of your students back in their understanding of scripture, but before you blame yourself for their difficulty, remember not all students learn at the same rate for a variety of reasons.  Bible Study Group


Additionally, here are some questions to consider in evaluating your situation: Continue reading

What does “faith like a mustard seed”mean?

faith like a mustard seedThe Bible says that if a person has faith like a mustard seed they can command a thing to be. If by praying and believing for certain mountains in your life to move, however, nothing changes no matter how hard I believe. Then are there other works that can be done?

This is a misunderstanding of Jesus’ teaching, and as a result, you are expecting things to happen which Jesus never promised. The full context of the quote you mentioned is: Continue reading

Abraham’s Tale of Two Covenants – Conclusion

Abraham's Tale of Two CovenantsLook at what God says Today we conclude Abraham’s tale of two covenants 4… Abraham has to do and also his descendants. They must agree that male children in the household, all those who are a part of the family and household will be circumcised.

Trusting that everyone understands what circumcision means, I won’t give any details now. This is not the moment that circumcision was invented or established. Circumcision was something that was practiced in ancient cultures even before this time and outside of Israel. What God did instead is to take this practice and give it new meaning according to His purposes. The practice now is required not of only Abraham and his descendants but even to those in the household who are brought in and paid for as servants. And this event must take place on the eighth day of the infant’s life. You can see God’s handiwork by in Creation why we understand it was the eighth day that the infant was to be circumcised. Abraham’s Tale of Two Covenants Continue reading