Why does God let bad things happen to believers?

believersWhy does bad things, terrible things happen to God’s children? Why doesn’t God protect believers from the evil of this world?

Christians commonly wonder why our lives on earth includes difficulties, trials, tragedy and sadness even after we have become a follower of Jesus Christ and an adopted child of God. But the Bible never assures believers that life on earth will be trouble-free simply because we have become followers of Jesus. In fact, the Bible tells us exactly the opposite: Continue reading

How to live with an unbelieving spouse

unbelieving spouseI am married to an unbelieving spouse. I often struggle over our differences, but I remain committed to our marriage hoping the Lord will bring my spouse to faith one day. In the meantime, what does the Bible say about how I should approach my marriage? How do I live my faith while honoring my marriage?

Living with an unbelieving spouse is a challenge. Often it means a marriage with different goals, driven by your faith and your spouse’s ignorance of biblical truth. These challenges can be very difficult and cause significant stress in a marriage (in addition to the “normal” stresses every marriage encounters). Nevertheless, the believer is called to live in union with their spouse despite these differences, and the Bible offers abundant advice to the believer for how to approach the situation. Continue reading

Will Unbelievers Be in Hell for Eternity (Lake of Fire)?

lake of fireWill time still exist in heaven? In Revelation, it talks about trees bearing fruit every month which seems to suggest time still exists. Can humans even exist outside of time like God does? Second, is hell eternal (Lake of Fire) or will it be a punishment for a set time (1000 years) and then completely destroyed?

Regarding time, Creation will also exist in a place of time and space, since this is in keeping with our nature. Only God is omnipresent and without a beginning. Timekeeping in the New Eternal Order will be done in months only, not in years. So we will know a pattern of life (i.e., twelve repeating months), but we will not know a counting of years since there is no end.

Finally, Hell is not the eternal abode of the unbelieving. Rather, the Lake of Fire is their eternal home, and it will last for eternity, as Jesus says: Continue reading

Who created God before the creation of the World?

creation                                      If God existed from the beginning (before creation), then who created God? 


Numerous Bible passages testify that the Godhead (i.e., Father, Son, Spirit) is eternal and without beginning and existed before all created things:

Romans 16:26 (NKJV)

26 but now made manifest, and by the prophetic Scriptures made known to all nations, according to the commandment of the everlasting (eternal) God, for obedience to the faith—

Notice He is called the “eternal” God. The word eternal in Greek means “age-long” or forever. God was never not in existence. Furthermore, God is the Creator of all things, so He existed before all things in Creation: Continue reading