Faith of Melchizedek: Why is he Critically Important?

Faith of Melchizedek

Let’s take a closer look at Melchizedek and his succession to see why it was important.


1. His name is actually his title, meaning my Lord is righteous
2. The man, Melchizedek, who met Abraham was part of an order or succession of men, beginning with Adam and continuing until Christ
3. Melchizedek was the priest of the God Most High
4. The man who held that title in Abraham’s day was the ninth man to hold the position and he was one of Noah’s sons, Shem
5. His appearance in Genesis was orchestrated by the Spirit so that Melchizedek would present a compelling picture of Christ
6. Moses never revealed that Melchizedek was Shem. Instead, he left the man’s genealogy a secret, never revealing his origins or his death
7. Furthermore, Shem had become the king of a Jebusite city called Salem, which was eventually to become Jerusalem

faithDiscerning the succession of Melchizedek is laid out in three points in Hebrews.
First, Hebrews explains the significance of God having established two different priestly orders.

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