The Order of Melchizedek-Of the High Priests

Melchizedek – Of The High Priests

Melchizedek is mentioned 11 times in the bible. Once in Genesis 14:18, once in Psalm 110:4 and nine time in Hebrews. Perhaps you’re not very familiar with the significance of the order Melchizedek or perhaps you haven’t even heard of the

High Priests

 order before. Learning about the role and succession of the high priest, knowing Jesus is our current and last high priest, and understanding the Order of Melchizedek as it relates to Jesus is an important part of knowing the word of God.

What is the role and qualifications for a high priest? What is “The Order of Melchizedek?” Who is Melchizedek and how is Jesus Christ connected to this Order? And why is this hard to explain? Questions that can be answered by letting God walk us through His Word for the answers. Continue reading

Reflection on the Three Kings


  By IVETTE IRIZARRY (A contributor to VBVMI)


Three Kings

In church tradition January 6 marks the Feast of Epiphany. Epiphany can mean “shining forth”, as in the shining forth of Jesus as God. Epiphany can also mean an awakening or realization. Where I grew up, Puerto Rico, and in many other Latin American countries, January 6, not December 25, was originally the day people would give each other gifts, while Christmas was always celebrated in the church, as a religious holiday.

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The Spirit of God’s Mission For The Church

The Spirit of God’s Mission For The Church 

churchI don’t know about you, but I have been on many honey-do runs in the course of my marriage. A honey-do run is simply a time when your wife sends you out (or because you are already out) to get some things for her. The mission is doing something for your honey, which is important in its own right.

However, the effectiveness of the mission will also be based upon your understanding of what she wants you to get. In other words, the message is a vital component of missional effectiveness. If you misunderstand or forget what it is your wife sent you to get, the effectiveness of the mission will falter. Continue reading