The Resurrection Of Jesus – Many Eyewitnesses

Paul’s Testimony of the resurrection of Jesus

resurrection of JesusFor the church the resurrection of Jesus’ body is central to the gospel itself. It is the basis for hope of our eternal life. So, if the resurrection isn’t true, both for Jesus as well as for us, then the hope which we put our faith completely in disappears. The question to ponder is why should anyone care whether Jesus is or is not the solution to overcoming death? Why should anyone give Jesus a second thought? If, when I die and that is the end for me.  The claims, if any, or teachings about eternal life I had placed my hope in, is pointless. Thus, putting Jesus in the same category as other false religions with no basis of truth. And therefore, without believing in the Gospel how can I possibly believe in the resurrection of Jesus? Continue reading

The Resurrection of Jesus & False Gospels

resurrection The Resurrection of Christ.

We can wonder, why do we have so many false gospels, or why does it seem there are so many ways to define the word of God,  and ponder why there are so many alternatives being preached in pulpits? it might be possible because the last thing a hard, an unbelieving heart doesn’t wants to hear the truth about sin. The gospel says we are sinners and therefore we are in trouble with God because of the lifestyle we live, choices we make, things we have said and even our thoughts running through our head. All these things can be worldly and offensive to God. They are sinful in nature and thus are wrong and the penalty is death. Undoubtedly, an unbelieving heart turns away from this. But this can also pertain to a believer’s heart as it can rebel against the truth of sin is they don’t keep their mind in the word daily. Continue reading

The Resurrection Of Jesus – Start Of The Christian Church


Have you ever stopped to think about what is the one thing the entire faith of the Church and everything written in the Bible concerning Jesus is dependent upon that makes it different than any other religious practice today?

The Resurrection of Christ. 

Without the resurrection of Christ, our faith has no meaning. It would be worthless and without His resurrection, the faith of the church and what it believes would be just another false religion. Therefore, this would mean Jesus is buried having never risen and His claim to be the Son of God and holding the CHRISTIAN FAITH

the power to defeat and overcome death were lies. So what reason would we have to trust in Him for our own salvation from death?


If being raised from the dead is true and it happened as the gospels and the epistles of the New Testament testified, well that changes everything for us. Then it means that only Jesus has the power to conquer death and we can put our trust in Him to raise us from the dead as well. It would mean God’s word is trustworthy and we know Jesus is the Truth and the Life. Continue reading