How Can I Make it to Heaven?

Finding Your Way To Heaven?

I’m sure you’ve heard it said before, “Only two things in life are certain: death and taxes.”


Most people aren’t too concerned about taxes (even though we don’t like them). However, death is something that we all face with some anxiety. What happens to us when we die? Do you wonder what comes next? Will you exist at all? Is there a Heaven and a Hell? Many people believe in these places and most people expect they will go up and not down when they die. Is this merely hopeful thinking? Continue reading

When does a Christian need to show forgiveness?

Showing Forgiveness

forgivenessQ. If someone does wrong to us but remains unrepentant and won’t admit their sin, how do we show them forgiveness without encouraging them to continue sinning in the same way against us?

A. The Biblical expectation for is for us to act in a manner of a loving heart. Be willing to be quick to turn to God’s word, slow to anger and by the mercy our Lord showed for us we should do so in our forgiveness toward others. We should forgive those who repent and ask to be forgiven:

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