How Do You Know If You Are A Cultural Christian

Are You a Cultural Christian?

Cultural ChristianComing off last weeks message on the Parable of the Sower, we identified there were four conditions of soil or better described, there were four types of believers. The first two conditions/unbelievers were representative of those who either completely rejected God’s Word or those who have a fleeting encounter with a trial that tests them. Thus, because of that test they don’t put their trust in God’s Word and quickly turned away. And the last two conditions three & four were representative of believers. The condition four believer was the mature, obedient, living a life of sharing God’s love and His Word and producing good fruit in the process. The condition three believer even though they have received God’s Word and believe, they never mature and produce fruit. Their cares are in the world and lose focus on living in obedience and serving their Lord. They spend their time seeking the riches and rewards the world has to offer instead of seeking those things in the eternal kingdom which God has promised was waiting for all believers who serve Him and not the world. Continue reading

The Resurrection Of Jesus – Many Eyewitnesses

Paul’s Testimony of the resurrection of Jesus

resurrection of JesusFor the church the resurrection of Jesus’ body is central to the gospel itself. It is the basis for hope of our eternal life. So, if the resurrection isn’t true, both for Jesus as well as for us, then the hope which we put our faith completely in disappears. The question to ponder is why should anyone care whether Jesus is or is not the solution to overcoming death? Why should anyone give Jesus a second thought? If, when I die and that is the end for me.  The claims, if any, or teachings about eternal life I had placed my hope in, is pointless. Thus, putting Jesus in the same category as other false religions with no basis of truth. And therefore, without believing in the Gospel how can I possibly believe in the resurrection of Jesus? Continue reading

Is Your Faith Suffering? Do You Know God?

Our Hope & Faith Is In God

Is your faith suffering? Are you worried, feeling anxious? Are you fearful or scared about the future? What about watching the news? Reports on wars, hatred, self-indulgence, corruption, slandering as well as on natural disasters concerning earthquakes, forest fires, floods, famine and more? Luke and Timothy give an account of things we will see and come to know in the last days. But do not fret! There is glorious ending to this age-old story, if you are a Christian. Continue reading