Romans 7-2 Why We are no Longer Under the Law

under the lawConsequences for our Salvation by Faith – In Our new relationship with God we are no Longer Under the  Law God gave to Israel               ROMANS 7 – Part 2

Transitioning to this latest post we need to back up and review the end of Part 1. As the context continues about covenants. When Israel entered into the Old Covenant and future generations of Israel were to follow the Law given through that covenant. But in the case of a covenant, the terms are binding until death. Covenants do not expire and cannot be canceled. You cannot quit a covenant, because Biblical covenants by Biblical definition are for life. So in order for a covenant to end, a death is required. And Paul builds on this principle to explain our relationship change to the Law when we became believing. He is using the example of a covenant of marriage in this case.

In verse 2 Paul says that if while a woman’s husband is living she is joined to another man (i.e., remarries), then she shall be called an adulteress. A marriage is a covenant, Continue reading

Romans 7-Our Relationship to the Law God Gave Israel

our relationship to the LawConsequences for our Salvation by Faith – Our Relationship to the Law God gave to Israel                         ROMANS 7

Moving ahead in exploring the ramifications of salvation by faith. Previously we studied the implications of our salvation for our spirit. (See Romans 6) We learned that our spirit has been made new in Christ. You now share His perfect spirit and you have the Holy Spirit indwelling you. So as you live today, you are alive in Christ, spiritually new and forever changed. There are still many more profound consequences of having been born again spiritually. Paul is moving to explain those consequences. Now, Paul covers two more of those consequences of having been made new and alive in Christ. Continue reading