The Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality Part 1

homosexualityPart 1 of 2:                           It seems Christians hold very different views of homosexuality. Some churches accept homosexuals while other churches condemn gay people. What does the Bible teach? Is it possible to be both a Christian and a homosexual? 

Few topics today generate more controversy, emotion and confusion in the church (and in society) than the issue of homosexuality. Many Christians have become hesitant (and even fearful) to defend a Biblical view of sexuality in the face of growing persecution from homosexual advocates. In virtually every nation around the world, same-sex relationships have acquired legitimacy and acceptability to an extent virtually unthinkable just a few decades ago. Continue reading

Can pride affect a Christian Leader’s ministry?

prideWhy do some Christian teachers and pastors and even Christian believers become full of pride in their knowledge and how does this affect their ministry and their calling?

Pride is often at the root of many of our sinful actions. It causes us to think of ourselves as better than others. Our sinful nature is one of pridefulness and arrogance and we are warned against this throughout scripture. Continue reading

How to respond to a believer engaging in immoral behavior?

immoral behaviorHow should we respond to our adult child who, though they professes Christ, has divorced their spouse and is now dating a person of the same-sex/gender? They received Christ as a young child and served our Lord for many years. As parents, we are heartbroken and struggling with how to respond Biblically. How do we be loving, while not approving of their actions/choices of immoral behavior?

We can all sympathize with you in your difficult situation. Your adult child’s actions raise doubts over the sincerity of their confession. While personal counseling services are not available or provided here, there is biblical instruction on these questions Continue reading