Can Christians Eat Pork?

Can Christians Eat Pork?In Isaiah 65:4, we’re told that those who eat the flesh of pigs will go to destruction. Doesn’t this apply to Christians? Can Christians eat pork?

In Isaiah 65:4 the Lord, speaking through Isaiah, is addressing the nation of Israel. He declares that Israel has a long history of disobeying His commandments. Let’s look at the passage in its proper context: Continue reading

How do You Worship God?

How do You Worship GodIs worship learned or is it something that you just do naturally? Does it require a certain feeling or emotional state? How do you worship God?

By worship, we assume you are referring to the practice of Christians singing praise music during a church service. Obviously, worship is a much broader concept than this narrow definition, but many Christians have come to see worship in this limited context.

Scripture, on the other hand, defines worship as obedience. For example, Paul defines worship this way: Continue reading

Should Christians avoid secular things?

Should Christians avoid secular thingsShould Christians avoid Secular things such as birth control, television, music, movies, and other secular things to get closer to God?  Should Christians avoid secular things?

The Bible makes clear that our righteousness is not obtained through our personal works. It is imputed to us by our faith in Jesus Christ. As Paul says:

Romans 4:4-5 (NKJV)

Now to him who works, the wages are not counted as grace but as debt.

But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness,

Therefore, if we have Christ’s righteousness credited to us by faith, then no work we do can add to our justification. Furthermore, the Bible says the Christian has liberty in many areas of life since we do not have specific restrictions or laws that can ensure our righteousness. Our faith alone in Christ alone assures us of Christ’s righteousness. Continue reading

Does God Forbid Inter-racial Marriage?

inter-racial marriageCan a Christian marry a person of another race? I’ve been told that God forbids inter-racial marriage.


Wikipedia defines the concept of race as the classification of humans into groups based on physical traits, ancestry, genetics or social relations, or the relations between them. In other words, the concept of “race” is a man-made concept.

In reality, there is no objective, scientific standard for defining a race of humanity, since the standards for determining race are arbitrary. In fact, it’s impossible to identify a person’s “race” simply by examining their DNA, because all human beings differ from one another to some degree in physical traits, ancestry, genetics or social relations (since no two people are exactly alike). Therefore, these normal variations are meaningless apart from whatever meaning we may assign to them. Continue reading