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Is Jesus God?




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Why Did Israel Lose The Kingdom Of God Part 2

The Pharisees Reject Jesus and the Kingdom of God

Today we continue our look at “Why Israel lost the Kingdom of God”  as we see the Pharisees reject the signs of Jesus’s Messianic miracles And how the crowds wanted proof leading closer to their rejection in the Kingdom.

kingdom of godWe see in Matthews account the reaction by the Pharisees after Jesus heals the mute man. Remember, the Pharisees were the religious leaders of that day determined to undermine Jesus’s credibility. They were desperate to diminish Jesus in the minds of the people and to explain away anything Jesus did that seemed to support His claims. So when Jesus performs a miracle unique to the Messiah, they are forced to explain it away somehow. This is not new for them, earlier in Matthew we see a similar experience. Continue reading

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