What Is The Meaning Of Four Blood Moons

four blood moonsThe recent increase of blood moons has led students and scholars alike to speculate whether these occurrences are the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy concerning the last days. We had four blood moons no that long ago.


In late September 2015, the moon again experiences a total lunar eclipse. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes entirely through the earth’s shadow. The earth’s shadow casts an orange hue upon the moon, causing the moon to appear reddish-orange in the night sky. This unusual appearance has led some to call it a “blood moon.” Continue reading

How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible story of Genesis?

How do dinosaurs fit into the BibleI now believe that evolution is false, especially since death could not exist before Adam’s sin, but what does that say about dinosaurs? Man couldn’t possibly have survived with dinosaurs around, so how do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?

Your belief that death could not exist prior to sin entering the world is absolutely true and critically important to understanding Genesis and the rest of the Bible, but your assumptions regarding dinosaurs have probably been influenced more by the opinions of modern science and Hollywood directors rather than the Bible. Continue reading